ABL – Activity Based Learning

“ABL – ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING” concept initiated in the campus with a vision, to create awareness among our students about the societal needs and to encourage them to explore the possible solutions.

The plan here is, a theme is chosen and focused for 2-3 weeks span. A Theme like agriculture, social media usage, air pollution, women empowerment and child safety, etc. Will be identified by our student coordinators in an open brainstorming session for every fortnight. Students from all departments will come-up with various solutions for the issues related to the chosen theme. And that may lead to new project idea, knowledge synthesis, mobile application, art work, creating awareness through field work and Rally, etc.

Coordinators for each activity have volunteered to take up the responsibility. Complete planning, scheduling, logistics arrangements, social media event promotion and actual execution were done by this team. The entire cycle has been completed in just 2 days of planning, 2 days of preparation and 7 days of execution.

14 activities have been nominated by our students for this theme “MY ENVIRONMENT”, and two coordinators per activity have been identified in an open forum with all 3rd years.

Followed by Project Expo, Concept Presentation, Poster Presentation, Calligraphy, Photography, MEME creation, Short film, Dance, MIME, Drama, Field Work, Rally & Debate.

The significance of this is, all these 14 activities have been conducted in a span of just 7 working days, that too by the student coordinators.




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