Mess / Cafe

PEC has the facility of spacious, clean and hygienic canteens and cafeterias that caters to the taste of all students and staff. In mess, South Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food are hygienically prepared by trained chefs. The Menu is designed taking into consideration the nutritional and calorific requirements of the student. High emphasis is placed on Quality and Quantity. Separate dining facilities are provided for men and women with seating capacity of 1500. We have an exquisite cafeteria for the sake of our Students to provide them a quality and hygienic with a variety of delicious food items at affordable rates. The Cafeteria is open from 8.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. on all days and it offers snacks during lunch / break time. In addition to hygienic food, the cafeteria provides stationary items and notebooks.

Wastage of food is measured and displayed both inside and outside of mess to make students realise the value of food. Also a calorie calculation chart is prepared by Bio-Tech students for each day menu and displayed at the entrance of mess.


NAAC Grade Accreditation

10 st

Rank among Affiliated Colleges in Tamil Nadu

50 %

Internship cum Placement

1 Crore

Worth Research Grants


Anna University Rank Holders