Student Counselor

Student Counselor

Ms.Varsha Vardhini.S,B.Sc(Psychology).,M.Sc(Psychology).,B.Ed(Special Education)
Years of Experience:10
Phone No:04437673703


1.Certified Learning Disability Specialist from SDS Institute of Behaviour Science
2.Level 1 on Neuro Linguistic Program from Reach Beyond
3.Level 1 on Cognitive Behaviour Theraphy from Dr.MD’s Charitable Trust
4.Certified in School Mental Health from IHMH
5.SET Qualified

Roles and Responsibilities

1.Student counselors typically provide career guidance and assist primary and secondary students in formulating career objectives. Their roles encompass advocating for students in school activities, offering classroom advice, providing academic mentoring, engaging with teachers and parents, and collaborating with administrators. Specific duties may include:
2.Guiding students in developing effective study habits, which may involve conducting assessments for learning disabilities to recommend improved studying techniques, thereby helping students manage academic pressure and expectations.
3.Supporting students in preparing for college admissions and entrance examinations by organizing workshops on vocational programs and offering career-based counseling sessions for students and parents to explore potential career paths.
4.Identifying students’ behavioral traits to suggest stress-coping techniques. Through analyzing students’ behaviors or school records, counselors can implement practical measures to shield them from the effects of psychosocial abuse.
5.Conducting regular meetings with teachers to assess the overall mental well-being of classes and proposing extracurricular activities to nurture students’ interests. Effective collaboration in this regard necessitates analytical and resource-planning skills.
6.Evaluating students’ living conditions, if encouraged by the school. This may entail liaising with parents to ensure students have a secure home environment and appropriate social circles.


NAAC Grade Accreditation

10 st

Rank among Affiliated Colleges in Tamil Nadu

50 %

Internship cum Placement

1 Crore

Worth Research Grants


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