Prathyusha Engineering College inaugurated its Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Robotics and Automation,” facilitated by TANSAM.

Summary of topics covered:

– The Importance of Automation: Discussing automation’s crucial role in modern industries.
– Streamlining Existing Industries: Strategies for integrating automation with minimal disruption.
– Enhancing Productivity Through Automation: Examining how automation boosts productivity.
– Introduction to PLCs: Overview of Programmable Logic Controllers.
– Key Components of PLCs: In-depth look at PLC system components.
– PLC Demonstration: Practical showcase of PLC functioning.
– Safety in PLC Applications: Emphasizing safety aspects of PLC use.

The sessions provided valuable knowledge and insights for the faculty, reinforcing their commitment to technological advancements.


NAAC Grade Accreditation

10 st

Rank among Affiliated Colleges in Tamil Nadu

50 %

Internship cum Placement

1 Crore

Worth Research Grants


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