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Technical Premier League 2018

Technical Premier League 2018- 1st to 3rd March 2018, Venue: Multipurpose Hall.

The Technical Premier League 2018 had the following events,

1.Technical Quiz dated 1st March 2018- There were 237 registrations by students with a payment of Rs.50/- per member from various semesters . There were 3 rounds,

Round 1: Online Quiz was conducted using Kahoot and first 90 students were shortlisted for round 2.

Round 2: These students were grouped into 15 teams of 6 students each and there were 3 levels in them with lot numbers chosen by them (1-15)

Level 1: This was a buzzer round to identify facts and logos

Level 2: This was also a buzzer round with connections from figures

Level 3: Aptitude questions directly to each team.

Round 3: HR Round- The shortlisted 6 teams with highest score were interviewed by the Placement coordinators, Mr. Mohan, AP, IT, Mr. Manikandan, AP, EEE, Dr.A. Praveena, AP, BT. The best two teams were awarded prizes of Rs. 3000/-, Rs.2000/- and Rs.1000/- as first, second and the third prizes respectively. And the best student among the teams was awarded the Man of the Match award with a cash prize of Rs.1000/-.

Third Prize:

  1. Pavan- II Year ECE
  2. Chandralekha- II Year CSE
  3. Praveena- II Year CSE
  4. Ukesh Sai- II Year CSE
  5. Yuvashree- III Year ECE
  6. Ramya A- III Year ECE

Second Prize:

  1. Jaswanth, I Year ECE
  2. Sowmya, IV Year ECE
  3. Meghana, I Year ECE
  4. Pavithra, II Year CSE
  5. Niveditha, II Year CSE
  6. Saranya- II Year CSE

First Prize:

  1. Nallapaneni Mahitha- I Year ECE
  2. R Mahalakshmi- III Year BioTech
  3. D. Sivaraman-III Year Mech
  4. Yogehswaran-III Year Mech
  5. Tejkiran-III Year Mech
  6. Geethavarshini-II Year ECE



  1. Group Discussion dated 2nd March 2018- 8.30 am to 5.00 pm: There were 66 registrations which were organised as 11 teams with 6 members each. The best 5 speakers from each team were shortlisted for the second round and they were organised into 6 teams with 6 members each. These were again shortlisted for the final round with the best 15 speakers. The first two rounds were organised by the Quality Circle students. The Final round was judged by the Principal and Dr.P. Jayaraman, HOD, Mechanical. The best students , Ms Shobana, IV Year ECE and Mr. Suryarajan, III Year Civil were given the first and the second prizes of Rs.2000/- and Rs.1000/- respectively. A Registration fee of Rs.50/- per participant was paid.
  2. Project Expo dated 3rd March 2018- 12.30 pm to 5.00 pm : There were 28 registrations with Rs.150/- per team. The projects were judged by all the department HODs,Miniproject and Project Coordinators. The following best 3 teams were awarded the prizes,
  3. First Prize: IV year Mechanical Engineering students- Hydrogen fuelled Bike- Rs.5000/-
  4. Second Prize: III Year CSE students- Quantum Computing – Rs.3000/-
  5. Third Prize: III Year EEE students- Elephant Alert system – Rs.2000/-

The Principal awarded the Cash prizes to all the meritorious students of all the events.

Coordinator: Ms.Malathi P., Associate Professor, ECE


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