To teach various methods of solving programming problems in different points of view and improve Coding Skills of students. Also to compete in international coding championships like CodeChef, Google Code Jam. Industry Expert Interaction, Internship, Mini Project, Placement are also provided for students. Read More….


The Mission of the Club is to help the students to learn how to develop mobile apps from the scratch through the learning of programming skills found within the subset of mobile development and the utilization of small teams to create meaningful projects. The Mobile Application Development Club seeks to enrich mobile development activity on campus for all club members – students. This provides students with the opportunity to see their ideas come to fruition, forming a new community built upon creativity, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and learning.

The following list is the club’s sub domains and tools on which the club activities and objectives are focused:

  • Development OS’s – Android , Windows & ioS
  • Development Tools – Android Studio, Xamarin & Ionic   Read More….


The FOSS Club is composed of members from all around campus and the community who share a common ethusiam for free, open source software. Our mission is to create an environment where the benefits of open development enable students to collaborate and explore beyond the classroom.

The Club coordinators are the student ambassadors of Mozilla and the open source projects are offered to the students by National Informatic Centre (NIC),Govt. of India.As a annual activity of the club and to connect globally, the club celebrates “Software Freedom day” to give awareness about the Free Open software to the student community. Read More…

C-Sec & E-Hack CLUB

           Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Club aims to give awareness of ethical hacking, and provide the foundation for protecting against and preparing for cyber threats as well as detecting, responding to, and recovering from threats, vulnerability and challenges.  Read More… 

cyber sec
data analytics


The Data Analytics Club’s principal objective is to help students to comprehend big data concepts as an essential competitive resource and learn new computational methods through hands-on workshops and informational sessions. Analytics Club will aim to keep the students well-aware of the possible career options related to Analytics and help them make wise decisions about their future.

The following list is the club’s sub domains and tools on which the club activities and objectives are focused:

  • Data Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Text-Mining
  • R-Tool,
  • SQL, Hadoop,

Being a new and uprising field, the main purpose of the club is to bring about a sense of subject understanding. The club has held information sessions as well as software workshops for and Python, which provided an introduction to how these languages work.


To explore the fundamentals of the computing technologies, and learn about the features available for all technologies. Also to practice various tools in computing technologies like distributed computing, high performance computing, Grid and Cloud computing. The students can able to get knowledge in the field of advanced computing environment and be able to handle various tools in computing technologies. Read More…

Intelligient systems


To establish itself as a centre of excellence for IoT and Machine Learning. To provide the fostering environment for students to quickly implement their ideas and get the hands-on experience across the various IoT application domains and Deep Learning platforms. To conduct the training programs and workshops from the industry experts regularly to nurture the skill-set required for IoT as well as Artificial Intelligence. To bolster ties with domain specific IoT industries to provide required industrial exposure to students. To set up start-up ecosystem which provides sample space for the students to turn their naive ideas into commercial venture. Read More..


Hardware & Networking Club able to train the students on Assembling hardware, Installation of Operating System software, handling of  Networking Equipments, Design and implementation of Ethernet, Campus Networks and Network Troubleshooting. Experience with simulation software like Wire shark. CISCO packet software,NS3/NS2 etc. Our club ensures that every candidate gets fair chance to bag a job with his or her notable companies’ Read More…

web tech


Students will be familiar with client server architecture and   they are used in conjunction with one another, to produce dynamic web sites by the   use of Java Script, HTML, CSS ,PHP,  Angular js Struts frame work. Students will gain the skills and project-based experience needed for entry into web application and development careers. Read More…


The club aims to provide instruction in all production aspects of game design and production including animation, sound design, game level design, 3D modeling, and computer graphics. And to connect the media creation aspects of game design with the computer science programming necessary to produce functioning gameplay. Finally to integrate creative thinking and technical skills in the development of original gaming concepts. The following tools are focused in the club activities,

  • Photoshop
  • Coreldraw
  • 3Dstudio Max
  • Blender
  • Unity

 Club members were taken to industrial visit to Graphics/Media & Gaming industries to provide the opprtunities for the club members to interact with the industry experts. Club members design poster,banners and animated videos for the college activities and courses 



Innovation is all about converting ideas into new or improved products, processes and services. It is about taking inventions to marketplace. It is a process that translates knowledge into products & services for economic growth and social well being.  It emphasizes a series of scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial activities. The club organizes a Innovation Idea sharing meet-up through which students share their identified societal need or solution on which the members discuss and debate to take forward as a prototype or model for feasibility study


           NextStep is a club at PEC focused on interactive learning community is built on our hands-on Build-It-Nights where members configure and work with a new technology, and our informative TechTalks in which student members and industry professionals present and discuss new themes, technologies, and practices.

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ACS CLUB (Agriculture in Computer Science)

This main purpose of this club is to introduce the use and role of computer applications in agriculture. This will help in understating how the computer applications have in relation with the process and requirements in the field of agriculture by means of Statistical applications, Analytical models for agriculture, Analysis of agricultural data using computer applications Read More…

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